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5 Online Product Management Courses Worth Looking Into

As we’ve mentioned before, the secret to being a great product manager usually can’t be found in formal education or training courses, but in the passion and experience you’ve gained working on different aspects of products. That said if you feel a bit behind on your basic product management skills or want to boost your agile know-how – we singled out a bunch of well-rounded courses that might help get you there.  

280Group – Certified Product Manager

Pricing: $1,495.00

Globally known consulting firm offers a standalone course that promises to teach the foundations of product management. While the course itself doesn’t seem to touch on agile methodologies, it guarantees teaching “how to manage products through every phase of the Product Lifecycle”.

Boston University – Digital Product Management

Pricing: $1,000

Through online course platform edX, Boston University invites aspiring product managers to learn how to create product roadmaps, acquire skills in agile and lean product management and learn market testing methods.

Stanford University – Unleashing Creative Innovation and Building Great Products          

Pricing unspecified

Author and entrepreneur Ellen Petry Leanse leads this online product management course with an integrative approach to product design and planning. The course explores “neuroscience, design and systems thinking, and mindfulness in product development as they relate to the innovation process and the creation of extraordinary brand experiences”.

Scrum Alliance – Certifications in Scrum

Pricing unspecified

Scrum Alliance provides a progressive course model that can take place over two years, where they provide the principles and tools to work in Scrum methodologies. The program includes certification and networking within the Scrum Alliance community.

Nir Eyal – How to Build Habit-Forming Technology

Pricing: $99

Product guru Nir Eyal brings his “hooked” paradigm to a self-paced course that includes 7 lectures and 2+ hours of video content. In it, he promises a “new way for thinking of the necessary components of influencing user behavior”.

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