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It’s a Brand New Craft Out There!

At Craft we’re always looking to make your workflows as agile as can be. That’s why, after 3 years of improving our initial product design, we though it was time to update our platform. We built our UX from the ground up and now we’d like to share some of our most shining update highlights with you.

A completely new design and experience

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A new, minimalistic and simplified UI now separates sprint planning and strategy, workflow management and ideation into different, focused sections. This will improve our users’ experience when creating and managing stunning roadmaps and project stories using Craft. 

A tool that is optimized for product, R&D and customer-facing teams


Today’s Craft users aren’t looking to use multiple applications for singular product management tasks. On the contrary, we continue to see an increasing amount of Craft users using Craft for their full application lifecycle management, integrating with or even replacing tools like Jira, Asana, TFS, Trello and others. As a direct result or this growing trend, we created what we feel is the first-ever tool to singlehandedly accommodate everything a company needs to manage their products – from product and R&D through UX and customer-facing teams. 

A new workspace for roadmap Items


We know just how important it is for product managers to feel – and be in control of their teams’ work. That’s why we developed Items, Craft’s new home for backlog management, issue tracking, prioritization and workflow management. You can switch views between our Excel-like “list view” and our Kanban board-like “cards view,” drag and drop, group, sort, multi-select and batch action items – giving you unlimited visibility and supreme product managing capabilities.

A better, easier, seamless search


As part of our massive platform overhaul, we also updated the search experience, making it easier to apply filters to a workspace. Now, Craft users can save their recent searches and auto-load their last search, simply by opening the search panel. If only searching for your spare car keys was just as simple!

Spoiler alert: Sub-tasks, Items Timeline View and a Report Generator are coming soon!

Excited by these new Craft updates? Head over to the Craft website and check it out for yourself right now!



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  • James Harper

    awesome UI, guys!

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