Say Hello to the New and Improved

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new!

In our quest to give product managers the comprehensive, frictionless, product-building solution they deserve, we’ve massively upgraded the platform. We invite you to say hello to a host of new features, expanded functionality, and an improved user experience.

Check out the new

You Asked, We Listened

Many of the new features you’ll see in the upgraded version of were a direct result of your feedback. Thanks to input from our customers and our community, we were able to build a new that delivers on your ideas. Here’s a tour through some of the new features and functionality you’ll see in the upgrade.

NEW: Idea Portal

We’re proud to launch the Idea Portal! Here you can consolidate all your feature and improvement ideas in one place. Let your users submit, vote, and comment on each idea, and add ideas from internal stakeholders, too. The Idea Portal also allows you to turn any idea directly into a feature and include it in your prioritization workflow. Then, export the best ideas directly to your development teams.

Idea Portal

NEW: Create Button

We heard your request for an easier way to add new stories, features, epics, or other types of items in Now, you can just use the create button (“+NEW”) on all pages.

The create button allows you to easily add any context-appropriate item to any view without interrupting your workflow. From the roadmap view, for example, you can add a +NEW Release or Lane. In the strategy view, you can add an Item or Topic. The “Other” option under +NEW even lets you add items that are more general than the view you’re in, like a Story, Epic, or Theme.


More Intuitive Main Menu

Guided by our product vision, and with more exciting features coming soon, we’ve reorganized’s main menu. This change makes it much easier to navigate.


The Big C

Navigating with the “big C” is now much clearer: you’ll use it only to switch between existing products, or to add new ones.

Big C

New Menu Items

We’ve moved a few other menu items to make them easier to find. “Invite colleagues” is now a main button. And we have a new “User profile” button.

Other menu items

The “Braindump” button, available at the top right of all views, makes adding content quick and easy.


Improved User Experience

We’ve unified our views to make it easier for you to control important product functions.

We’ve also re-designed many of our views with larger fonts and enhanced background colors, to make easier on your eyes.

Dive In

We’re eager for you to check out the new experience the improved user interface, navigate more intuitively through menus, easily add new items from any view, and engage with your customers in the new Idea Portal. Dive in today!

Check out the new

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